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JUSCO School Kadma

Born out of the foresight and commitment of a corporate entity, JUSCO Schools South Park and Kadma were established in 2005. The schools were founded on the sound principle of giving the citizens of Jamshedpur an institution that is recognized for educational excellence, where creative learning is encouraged, and every student is cherished and nurtured to their full potential. The essential value of the school is enunciated in the school insignia and motto.


The school endeavors to build future global citizens who are recognizable by their Loving Hearts, Noble Intent and Fearless Minds, who are trustees of the earth, possessing the qualities of the five natural elements. The school provides contemporary English medium education, but rooting it Indian culture and heritage. The Schools seek to inculcate in students the ethos of excellence based on aspirations rather than remain limited by their perceived capability.


The endeavour of the schools is to ensure a holistic development of the students personality by nurturing the pursuit of knowledge, cultivating an appreciation for the arts, literature, sports and games, as well as instilling high regard for human values and social consciousness.




Message from the Vice Principal




Dear Student and Parents,


 “Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but difficult to enslave “       

    - Lord Brougham


The belief that “For me was the world created” is what we at JUSCO School Kadma aim to instill in each child. Every child is empowered to reach his/ her full potential. The teachers and parents in unison aim to nurture the potential of children.


As we step into the ninth year of existence, I take this opportunity to reiterate that our focus will remain on development of growing minds by following the holistic approach of hands-on experience, reflection, analysis and action. We believe in stimulating minds to make it imaginative, creative, agile, active and reflective.


We acknowledge and respect that each child is different. Hence we do not typify students in slots, rather empower them so that they can innovate, experiment and gain confidence. The freedom of failure, learning from mistakes, reflection and self realization is the support provided by the teachers. This develops self confidence, understanding and self respect among the students. The knowledge that they belong to a safe and secure environment supports them through their physical and mental changes and developmental challenges. We believe that in every acorn lies a mighty oak. We are grateful to all the members of JUSCO School Kadma family for the immense faith and support always.


 Mrs. Jhumjhumi Nandi

 Principal, JUSCO School Kadma