JUSCO SCHOOL SOUTH PARK came into being in April 2005 as a corporate social responsibility of JUSCO. It was transferred to JUSCO Educational Mission Foundation (JEM Foundation) in 2008. The schools were founded on the sound principle of giving the citizens of Jamshedpur an institution that is recognized for educational excellence, where creative learning is encouraged, and every student is cherished and nurtured to their full potential.



The admission process of Jusco School South Park starts in the month of November 2018.

Form Selling Dates :                                                 Form Selling Dates for XI (Plus One) :
1st Nov 2018 (Thu)                                                   5th Nov 2018 (Mon)
2nd Nov 2018 (Fri)                                                   6th Nov 2018 (Tue)
3rd Nov 2018 (Sat) – Nursery                                7th Nov 2018 (Wed) – XI

Time : 11.00am to 1.00pm

Great Facilities

The College has a well equipped office with computers, printers, a Xerox machine, Wi- fi and LAN facility .The office is accessible to the staff and parents as well students during the clooege hours.


A student is expected to make full use of the library. Student can borrow one book at a time. Everyone should examine the book before leaving the library. Any mark or damage found should be reported to the librarian.

Computer Class

Computer education is an integral part of teaching learning process. Computer education is imparted to students of Classes I & above. A well equipped computer lab with 25 computers is provided.

Smart Class

The Educomp Smart Class brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life and makes learning an enjoyable experience for student through digital classrooms.

Our Mission

To be a learning institution where students, parents and teachers work together to provide value based education in a happy, safe and nurturing environment to promotes personal excellence.

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From Principal’s Desk

“Education is to ignite a flame. When teachers burn with a passion for truth, the desire to learn will be ignited in their students’ hearts. When teachers are excited about culture and beauty the creativity of their

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The vast infrastructure comprising spacious and airy classrooms, informative digital classrooms, well equipped library, computer laboratories and science laboratories enhance the teaching learning process of the school.

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